Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I'm Back...Again

Hi Lovely Yogis!

So I've been MIA for awhile.   I have been lucky to have the opportunity to spend some time with my Dad, which is not always possible because we live on opposite coasts.  My yoga instruction has been on hold for the last six months or so, but I am hoping to get back into teaching when I get back to WA.

Oh yeah!  You may not know!  Hubby and I recently moved to WA.  We are starting from scratch, just like newlyweds.  New home, new appliances, and since we got rid of EVERYTHING when we moved from CA, new everything else too.  It will be an adventure.

Each time we move, my career path morphs...just a little bit.  I'm hoping this time, to be a little more "virtual".  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the face to face interactions, but with Dad on the opposite coast, I'd like to have the flexibility to go help out if  he needs me without letting a huge set of clients down.  We'll see how this ends up happening.

Along with the yoga, I'm toying with two other ideas.  I'm thinking of seeing if I could do some writing--just articles to start.  I'm also thinking about becoming a health coach.  Finding the right training/certification program has been challenging for me and I've been going through major Analysis Paralysis.  What program fits my style?  What program has a good reputation?  What program has staying power?  What program will best prepare me to be a good coach?  So many things to consider!  The same thing happened when I was choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Program.  I feel like I made a good choice there, so I hope the same happens in this situation.

Overall, I'm hoping the three "fields"--Yoga, Health Coaching, and Writing--will mesh beautifully and that I will be able to deliver health and wellness info and support to even more people seeking a change in their status quo.  That's the dream anyway!

Namaste, Yogis!
More later!


Photo of Florida clouds taken on a car ride with my Dad.  We drove right into the center of the was a fun adventure!