Monday, July 14, 2014

Let It Go!

No, I'm not singing the Frozen song (although at the mere mention of it, it's now swirling around in my head). No, I'm actually just trying to convince myself to "let go" of a small annoyance.  You see, I had this long-standing blog with Go Daddy and to make a long story short, it has been taken from me!  I lost all my blog entries...years of advice, instruction, and musings...gone, lost somewhere in cyber space.  So sad.  I was totally bummed.  And angry!  How could they do that?  Just rip away all my hard work like that?    How dare they?  

After my initial sadness and disappointment (which was accompanied by a LOT of whining and complaining), I decided to email my friend, writer, and yogi, Elena Hartwell to ask her advice about finding a new place to share my wisdom and random thoughts.  Elena (being a total ray of light) offered a ton of advice, some great instructions on how to get started, and then wrapped it all up with, "...don't feel bad about losing the GoDaddy blog, your new one will be even better!"  In other words, LET....IT...GO!  Important yogic advice from a dear friend.  

So often we hold on to anger, regret, embarrassment, worry, disappointment, jealousy, and tons of other negative emotions and never let them go. We waste all our energy on those negative thoughts so that there is no room left for the positive ones.  It's like that Buddhist quote, "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone are the one who gets burned".  Not fun.  And pretty painful as well.  It's not just anger either.   Almost any negative emotion can hold us back...the more we hold on to the bad stuff the more harm we cause our own body, mind and spirit.   

So let's give ourselves time to feel those negative emotions when they arise, but after they've been felt, let's let them go!  Bring in the hope, the happiness, the love, the acceptance, the joy, the gratitude and the plethora of other positive emotions so that we can thrive!  

I am officially letting go of my old blog and look forward to creating an exciting new one.  I am forgiving GoDaddy (after all, their website hosting and tech support are totally stellar!) and moving on!   Is there anything you'd like to let go of today?    Give it a try.   LET IT GO!  

Namaste Friends,

In case you now feel like's the Let It Go Disney Sing Along!  ;)  Have fun!